Ending and Beginning Journeys – Rich Collins

\"\"Rich Collins was a 4 year old in the city when first he knew that he wanted to be a farmer when he grew up. Now on a farm he calls \”Journey\’s End\” he can look back at productive years of farming, then a vegetable that he learned about as a dishwasher before tracking it to France; and then to look  ahead to helping small scale farmers compete and realize their own dreams as he has realized many of his own. Rich talks about his journey and why he believes he\’s a approaching \”Journey\’s End\” while he puts more irons in the fire establishing his new farm home and rolling up his sleeves to help farmer organizations, Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Farmer Guild meld in to one. We could argue that it\’s not an \”end\” but we can\’t argue that it\’s a worthy journey we share in the table talk,