Chemical Fears – Jon Entine



Fear of chemicals in our food system scares some people to death.  Is it warranted? Both organic chemicals and synthetic chemicals are used to grow, process, transport, preserve, package and serve our food, from farms to tables. Consequently traces of chemical residues can be found in all of us. Given declining trust in large corporations and government institutions some worry about this a great deal and some don\’t give it a second thought.  For the most part Federal government agencies and food manufacturers are assuring that safeguards are adequate and the fear is not warranted while  many NGO\’s draw attention to what they see as shortcomings in regulation and increased risks evidenced by certain scientific studies. The Genetic Literacy Project takes a more reassuring perspective on food safety.  Its Founder and Executive Director, John Entine is also the author of \”Scared To Death\” and  \”Crop Chemophobia\”.  This episode of Farm to Table Talk explores the current facts, perceptions and \’phobias\’ about our food and how it is grown.