Top Chef To Table – Caitlin Steininger



For many Farm To Table fans and \’foodies\’ of all types, Top Chef is their favorite show. For young Chefs it can also be an obsession to one day be chosen to compete.  Caitlin Steininger is one of those Chefs whose goal it was to make it to the Top Chef competition. She made it and shares her experience with Farm to Table Talk.   Caitlin and her sister, Kelly Trush, started the Cooking With Caitlin brand when she was just 19.  They write food columns. do regular radio show, have a prominent web presence and have a popular restaurant, CWC (Cooking With Caitlin) in Wyoming, Ohio. They source locally, including produce grown for the restaurant at Cait lin\’s children\’s elementary school.  Farm To Table Talk is \’cookin with Caitlin\’., and