Disclosing GMO – Greg Jaffee, CSPI

Whatever your view of GMO\’s you may have wondered what happened with GMO labeling.    Congress passed a law in 2017 to head off food marketing chaos that was expected to follow the implementation of mandatory GMO labeling in Vermont.  The ball is in the USDA\’s court now with more research, public comment yet to precede implementation sometime in 2018.  In addition to consumers the interested parties include food manufacturers (who may not wait) and NGO\’s including this episode\’s guest Greg Jaffee, Director of the Biotechnology Project for Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Over subsequent decades GMO became controversial for many reasons,  especially for mistrust of a few \”big Ag\” corporations.  There are now many books and movies proclaiming facts, myths, fears, suspicions, innuendos, contradictory research and images that would frighten the children. Google “GMO”  and you will get over 26 million listings, with no doubt thousands that would support whatever theory one prefers.

Although respected scientific bodies have concluded that GMO products were safe, grassroots campaigns surfaced across the country to “just label it” because regardless of safety, they believed it should be up to a consumer to decide whether or not they want to consume foods produced with genetic engineering. Why does it take so long to create a system for consumers to find everything they want to know about their food?