Tech To Taste – Rose Hayden-Smith, UC Food Observer and Chris Sayer, Petty Ranch

It\’s a sorry fact that some still see farmers as \”the ignorant guy in the straw hat who doesn\’t understand anything beyond a 12th grade level at best…the ideal career for the simple minded.\” That\’s a harsh perspective and Ventura County farmer, Chris Sayer, aims to disprove those views. A veteran who left a career in Silicon Valley to return to the fig, lemon and avocado orchards of his famiiy\’s Petty Ranch, Chris believes that \”farming is not nature. It is technology.. We are heirs to an ancient and yet dynamic body of Knowledge.\”

Our conversation with Chris is joined by the editor of the UC Food Observer, Rose Hayden-Smith. As we wander through the orchards we learn about figs, lemons, avocados, global trade, water stewardship and about soil that is far better today than it was when the land was Spain\’s.