Dreams and Hoops – Melissa Phillips and Andrew Mefferd









What do you really want to do with your life? Sooner or later that question occurs to most of us and for some the answer has to do with farming.  Melissa Phillips grew up in the UK then she and Jack came to Texas for work that came to an abrupt end, forcing them to consider what they really wanted from life.  To search for the answer they climbed in their van with their baby and their dog and took off on a journey that zig-zagged across the West before they found an opportunity to be WOOFers (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming) at the Kern Family Farm in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Their story is inspiring.  For others who have already realized some of their dreams, perhaps by becoming farmers, there are new dreams.  Farmers often dream of a longer season. Our second guest on this Farm To Table Talk, Andrew Mefferd, has some answers.  He is the editor and publisher of Growing For Market and the author of The Green House Hoop House Grower Handbook. Hoops could make the difference in the challenge of stretching the season for delicious, local produce. www.growingformarket.com www.kernfamilyfarm.com