Shopping For Change – Mike Teel, 5-one-5


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In the middle space between the farmers and the plates on our table, are stores where we shop to find tasty foods that are nutritious and sustainably produced.  Unfortunately, the aisles may be also cluttered with less healthy and less sustainable products.  Mike Teel wants to see that change; in fact Mike Teel wants to change the world one plate at a time.  He is the owner  and CEO of Raley\’s, a supermarket chain of over 120 stores in Northern California. Change in existing supermarkets takes time so with Mike\’s lead Raley\’s is opening a brand new healthy, sustainably focused retail concept, Market 5-one-5.  In this smaller scale store consumers will find a concentrated assortment of organic, healthy, local foods that are earth friendly.  Proving that consumers really want this \’better for you and the earth\’ approach will lead to more of these stores by Raley\’s and their competitors.  On this Farm to Table Talk, Mike explains why it matters to farmers and consumers to \”change the world, one plate at a time.\”