Shifting Sands — Suzy Badaracco, Culinary Tides


If your favorite food truck switches from kimchee tacos to meat loaf and mashed potatoes, maybe you should talk to your stock broker about divesting. Even when the economy looks rosy, consumers trending back to comfort foods is a sign of \”fearfulness\” says Suzy Badaracco, the President of Culinary Tides. She spots trends on the distant horizon, a swell in the ocean before the tide breaks, that will be clear to all in two years.  Trends change what we order, what is on the menu or in the stores, what farmers grow and how they grow it. The big trends are reflected in the behavior of all generations, but the pre-millennial Generation Z will be profoundly  impacted by Sustainability. This is the first generation that is born in to Sustainability; it\’s all they have ever known. Their household has always recycled in big blue tubs on the curb, filled with recyclable containers for the Organic foods they grew up with.  Older, Millennial or Gen Y generations bought food with a story when they could afford it but these kids will cut back somewhere else rather than make tradeoffs on their food.  A close look at the Trends Shaping the Food Industry ( is in the \”Shifting Sands Forecast\”  and discussed in this episode with Suzy Badaracco on Farm To Table Talk.