Eco Farming Frontier – Jack Whetham, Hidden Acres Farm


EcoFarm is an annual gathering of farmers, want to be Farmers, their friends, suppliers, customers and fellow dreamers sponsored by the Ecological Farming Association. While the Annual Eco Farm takes place in Pacific Grove California on the Coast of Monterey Bay there are similar gatherings taking place all over where one finds inspiring stories of people who dream of being farmers and with persistence, support and some luck often  realize those dreams.  At last year’s EcoFarm we spoke to  Melissa Phillips who with her husband Jack Whetham moved to California from Texas to be WOOFers on the Kern Family Farms in the Sierras. At the recent EcoFarm Melissa was at home on the Kern Family farm with their toddler, Phoenix and we had the chance to catch up with her husband Jack Whetham about the family’s journey and the pursuit of their dream to their new farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley.



Author: @rodger

Rodger Wasson - Raised on family's farm in Central Illinois, after graduating from Illinois State University, Rodger has worked for and with farmers nation-wide and globally who produce beef, almonds, lamb, potatoes, pork, pistachios, strawberries, wool and tomatoes.

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