When Growing and Eating Is Voting – Josh Tickell, Kiss the Ground


\"\"Imagine if you approached your meals with the same consideration you give to the choices you make in an election. Well, when we choose what we eat, in important ways we are also voting for the type of food and farming system we want.  Not only are we to wonder if the food will taste good, be safe and be affordable, but also whether we are choosing food that has been sustainably produced, in an earth friendly way that still pays enough back to the farmer and all the hands that touch it from farm to table. Farm To Table Talk is back for a second episode with Josh Tickell, the author of  Kiss The Ground. In our first conversation we discovered the lessons he found on regenerative agriculture as he traveled around the globe to speak with farm families making a difference. In this episode he explains what farmers, consumers, food retailers and policymakers can do to protect and build our most precious resource our soil. Farmers vote on being regnerative and those of us who are lucky enough to eat three times a day,  vote three times a day. www.kisstheground.com