Kiss The Ground– Josh Tickell, Author

\"\"Among consumers, farmers and food marketers, regenerative agriculture is still not a term that is widely heard let alone understood; however that is beginning to change as individuals and organizations recognize a rebirth that can save the world–effecting farmers, our climate and what\’s on our plate.  Josh Tickell, the author of Kiss The Ground, set out to learn and tell the stories of the regenerative agriculture pioneers and this fledgling movement.  Beginning with the encouragement of leaders who established Kiss The Ground  to produce a documentary film.   In the process of that soon to be released documentary film,  there was  so much original,  inspiring stories accumulated they were able to produce a book.  It\’ a great read or a listen to the audio book format. Josh Tickell is a journalist, thought leader, author, and award winning film director. In this conversation on Farm to Talk, Josh take us with him to large and small farmers and experts, from North Dakota to France to plumb the depths of this new movement  and inspire us all on this regenerative journey.,