Jose Salazar

Restaurant food everywhere and in every way is getting better than ever- thanks to a new crop of Chefs who who care about their ingredients, know their farmers and give their more discerning customers the authentic experience that they crave. One of those Chefs on this ever-growing farm to table frontier is Cincinnati Chef Jose Salazar. Born in Colombia. Raised in Queens, New York., trained in some of the top restaurant kitchens in New York City Jose Salazar could have opened his eponymous restaurant anywhere. He landed in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine.
It was a big leap to a Midwestern community for a big-city boy who’d worked for top chefs like Georges Vongerichten and Thomas Keller. At his small Over-the-Rhine bistro, Salazar New American Restaurant, and his downtown Latin-Spanish spot, Mita’s, the food is rooted in the Ohio Valley with most of it coming from within a 40 mile radius. Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood has become this new dining scene’s epicenter. Today authentic farm to table dining experiences are available in almost every part of the country–a bonanza to consumers and the farmers who grow for them. Chef Jose Salazar sets down at the table to share one Chef\’s journey in linking locally farmed foods with an appreciative community.