Food Is Medicine — Cathryn Couch, Ceres Community Project

60% of deaths in the US have poor diet as a contributing cause–we\’re eating ourselves sick, says Cathryn Couch, the Founder and Executive Director of Ceres Community Project. If people just ate the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, mortality would be reduced by 40%. A 3 year medically tailored meal pilot project is setting out to prove that providing poor people with healthy meals will save millions of dollars in health care costs and more importantly save lives. Cathryn says that we can provide meals for someone for a full year for the cost of one day in a hospital. The Food Is Medicine Coalition is engaged in supporting medically tailored meal programs across America. There is legitimate optimism about these projects because there is such an epidemic of chronic disease putting tremendous pressure on health care costs, providing good food options is \’low hanging fruit\’. If we invest in food, we save money and insurers will have reason to jump on the bandwagon. #fimcoalition