Food Philosophies — Martin Cohen, Radical Philosopher



We hear of new philosophies about food but what about the ancient philosophies. Jean Jacque Rousseau said \”Give me milk, vegetables, eggs, and brown bread, with tolerable wine and I shall always think myself sumptuously regaled.” And Plato seems to be the originator of today\’s very popular Mediterranean Diet. Henry David Thoreau\’s simple rows of beans beside his famous pond inspires  foodies yet today.  A new book by Martin Cohen, \”I Think Therefore I Eat\” looks back through the centuries at the opinions and food choices of the world\’s greatest minds, who may help us tackle today\’s food questions. He is an author, radical philosopher, eiditor, reviewer and a foodie of sorts who lives with his family in the South of France from where he  joins the Farm To Table Talk.  In this conversation we start with what it\’s like to be a writer, living (and eating) in the South of France then dive in to the food experiences and perspectives of the greatest philosophers of all time.  I THINK, THEREFORE I EAT: THE WORLD’S GREATEST MINDS TACKLE THE FOOD QUESTION (Turner Publishing, November 20, 2018)