Glocal Warning — Sam Fromartz FERN



Globally and locally, the public has been warned that the world\’s climate is changing and it is not getting better. Almost everyone now agrees on that but many don\’t agree whether to call it climate change, global warming, weird weather or something else that aligns with their politics. The scientific reports are snowballing now from the US government, World Resources Institute and experts from every corner of the globe.  Farming systems, the source that sustains the world, is being blamed for 25% of the problem at the same time that there is another scientific consensus that the world will need to grow 50% more food to feed the world\’s growing population. We need more food at the same time that we need to reverse the trend of producing green house gases. So what? Coastal cities will flood, fires will rage, droughts increase but food will be grown in different ways, different regions and higher cost.  Not terrible news if your biggest worry is paying $25 for a  future daily latte but tragic news if you are responsible for feeding a a family on poverty level income. Sam Fromartz is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Food and Environment Reporting Network.  He joins Farm To Table Talk podcast host Rodger Wasson to discuss the state of these emerging stories  and implications for what we eat and how it\’s grown.