Food Tech Connects – Cam Sluggett


If consumers want to know what will be special at their Farmers Market this week and their Farmers want them to know, there out to be an App for that! Well there is, thanks to innovators like Cameron Sluggett, who saw a need and from a San Luis Obispo Incubator, created an App called \”Arkitu\”.  Farm vendors can be sure customers know where to find them and those customers learn instantly what\’s new with their favorite farms.  Cameron is not your average Start Up founder.  He was diagnosed to have Cerebral Palsy as a child and some related issues. In his case the challenges led to an extraordinary computer technology aptitude. His unique journey continued through a stint in Nicaragua and even living in a converted Hawaiian shipping container with an ocean view. In this episode of Farm To Table Talk, Cam shares the story of his journey, his vision for the Arkitu App and why he\’s optimistic about the Farm to Table future.