Turning Tables of Trade – Roland Fumasi


Do Trade Wars matter? Only if you farm, eat or do business with those who do. In other words: Absolutely.   There has long been legitimate trade issues with China regarding intellectual property and certain tariffs that they imposed on products including some agricultural commodities.  Many of these issues would have been addressed within the framework of the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership that the Trump administration withdrew from.  Now instead of trade talks the world is dealing with retaliatory tariffs that are a tax on everyone, both ways.   The Trump administration announced tariffs on China and China strikes back; then US retaliates with more and China doubles their hit list, including many US agricultural products.  It doesn\’t stop with China, as Europe, Mexico and Canada have reacted to US threatened tariffs as well.  To talk about the turning tables of trade in this episode of Farm To Table Talk is Dr. Roland Fumasi,  Senior Global Analyst for Rabo Bank, a cooperative agricultural credit bank based in the Netherlands–where the world of trade has always been a priority. Roland focuses on fruit, vegetables and flowers sectors form the bank\’s offices in Fresno, CA. He was raised on a dairy and farming operation in the Sacramento Valley, and served as the Californian State FFA President before attending Cal Poly, where he received both his BS and MS in Agribusiness, achieving his PhD in Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University.  Join trade talks at our table, Farm To Table Talk.