Grass To Fork – Martin and Sarah Emigh



Grass fed lamb is not a new idea; in fact it is a couple thousand years old but it\’s being newly discovered by Millennials and meat lovers who want the protein on their dinner plates to be delicious and sustainably produced–preferably with few if any other ingredients to the lambs\’ diet other than grass. The Emigh family near Dixon, California has been feeding lambs this way, on grass, since the 1860\’s.  All of the things that concern many of today\’s consumers such as GMO grain feed, antibiotics, hormones or cramped living spaces are avoided. Instead the lambs come to open spaces with fresh air in lush open pastures after they are weaned off their mother\’s milk. Five generations of Emighs have fed lambs this way, with the primary innovation being irrigating the pastures so that grass is available for the lambs year round. Consequently fresh lamb is available year round.  The new generation of Emighs, Sarah, her sister Catie and Catie\’s husband Kevin, have joined their father Martin Emigh to continue the tradition with a few modern twists, direct marketing and social media.  While riding in a pickup truck through their pastures, Martin and Sarah share their story , including how they now have customers for their lamb among the top farm to fork restaurants and discerning consumers throughout Northern California. And, gratitude that an old idea has new life as people care about the journey from grass to fork. Here their story on Farm To Table Talk.