Tariffs TAX Food & Farming – Josh Rolph

\"\"Tariffs are taxes on food and farming. It starts off sounding distant and hopefully strategic, then degenerates into retaliation.  Still trade \”war\” is an abstract concept for most of the public until the \’chickens come home to roost\’ months or years later in the form of higher costs of  food to consumers and reduced income–even insolvency on farms. Concerned as we are with successful marketing journeys from farm to table, disruption in these food channels must be addressed.  Organizations like Farmers for Fair Trade, the Farm Bureau and others are calling for the US Administration to reverse course before it is too late to avoid the consequences–consequences learned the hard way in the Great Depression following the Smoot Hawley Act passed nearly 100 years ago.  To sort out the cause, implications and solutions of the these battles we have a Farm To Table Talk with Josh Rolf, the Manager of Federal Policy for the California Farm Bureau. #farmersforfreetrade