Losing Land Loses Food – Jimmy Daukus



Every minute we lose 3 acres of farm land, according to Jimmy Daukus, the Senior Program Officer of American Farmland Trust.  That is bad news for a hungry world since less farmland  means less food when we need much more food to feed a global population that is on its way to 9 billion people.The US Climate Alliance believes that there is urgency to stem the losses. Loss of agriculture capacity is unsustainable and also contributes to the devastating impacts of climate change.   Only by sequestering carbon on natural and working ag land can carbon levels be drawn down–possibly even reversing climate change. For farmers it means tilling less, planting cover crops, fine tuning nutrient application and rotating crops.  Consumers must be inquisitive about how their food is grown–either by asking their farmers or expecting the manufacturers of the food products they buy to explain and vouch for the production practices of their farmer suppliers.  Jimmy Daukus joins Farm To Table Talk to talk about Saving the Land that Sustains Us.

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