Here\’s Our Bill – Sam Fromartz FERN

\"\"We all know of other times at other tables where we ask for the Bill.  This nation of farmers and consumers have a Bill coming due. It\’s called the \”Farm Bill\”.  Since over 80% of the billions of dollars go to assist consumers rather than farmers, it\’s probably mis-named. Every five years a new Farm/Food/Nutrition/Conservation law has to be re-created and passed by Congress. Like everything else political these days, it\’s more partisan than ever–not just between Democrats and Republicans,r but also between City and Rural areas where increasingly needy families are as easy to find as are farm families.  The Farm Bill touches us all and confounds many of us. Fortunately there are still journalists helping sort through the myths and the facts.  Foremost among those producing  investigative  journalism about food and environmental issues is the Food and Environmental Reporting Network. Sam Fromartz is a veteran journalist and the editor-in-chief who joins Farm To Table Talk to explain pending policy issues and the role of Ag communicators in today\’s partisan climate.