HyperLocal Dinner – Matthew Fleischmann and Lars Fuchs


Most of us eat food that comes from all over the world, but supporting local food production for all kinds of reasons is a growingly popular idea. Of course it’s not always possible. Some foods only grow in the tropics or Mediterranean climates. On the other hand local Farmer’s Markets, certain Supermarkets and lot’s of Farm To Table restaurants are making it possible to find more local foods than ever. There is some confusion about what actually is local, since some say it’s up to 350 miles away and others say 50 miles. Would it be possible to draw the circle even smaller and source entirely within city limits?

That’s the idea behind “Food City” a short film about creating a hyper-local meal, with every item farmed, fished or foraged within the city limits of New York City. Film Directors Matthew Fleischmann and Lars Fuchs set out to discover the rich diversity of fish, foul and produce grown in the five Buroughs of New York and to ultimately serve a 4 course meal for eight lucky guests.

Matt and Lars flew from New York to the Sacramento Food Film Festival, where their film was featured at the festival sponsored by the Food Literacy Center. Following local food bites from top Farm to Fork chefs, presentation of featured films and a discussion with the food lovers in attendance, Farm To Table Talk follow Matt Fleischmann and Lars Fuchs back stage to discuss their journey to create a “hyperlocal” Link to Food City:  meal. http://fmtv.go2cloud.org/SH1Rh