Seeds of Food\’s Future — Allen Van Deynze and Andy Pon


\"\"First comes the seeds to grow the crops that fill our tables with foods that satisfy, nourish and sustain us at generally bargain prices. Seeds from new and improved varieties often take 5 to 10 years of research before they prove their worth to farmers, chefs, food processors and consumers. Farm to Table Talk backs up to the beginning of the process, where plant breeders give Mother Nature a helping hand; then Greenhouses start the seeds for transplanting into the fields of the Central Valley.  UC Davis Plant Breeder, Dr. Allen Van Deynze guides us along the path from the seed of an idea to delicious tomato products years down the road.  Today tomato seeds seldom go straight to the farm; instead they are started in greenhouses and then taken to the farm where they are transplanted. Andy Pon the General Manager of Westside transplants, walks us through the transplanting stage of  what will eventually be an important part of \”what\’s for dinner\”.