Happy, Nourished & Grateful – Heidi Schauster


\"\"Our relationship with food doesn\’t have to be so complicated. Listening to our body, enjoying the \”well-grown\” foods we love, mindfully connects body, mind and spirit. This is part of the common-sense advice of Heidi Schauster, MS RDN, CEDRD-S, the author of \”Nourish\”.  Honoring our body\’s wisdom starts with accepting our own body type, rejecting diets, skipping the scales and practicing Mindful-eating:\”…Eating with Gratitude. Appreciating the miracle and many steps that brought the food to your table (or desk) for just a moment before eating will not only slow you down and drop you into mindfulness, but it\’s an antidote for all of the analyzing, counting, obsessing, and questioning that might precede a meal or snack. With your heart full of appreciation and gratitude for the plants, animals, and humans that made your food possible, you are better able to see eating as an act of self-care.\”  Farm To Table Talk  is all about the stories behind every bite and Heidi Schauster brings a fresh view in this episode of the Farm To Table Talk Podcast.