Really Organic – Dave Chapman



Food labels and menu descriptions are just shorthand communications when we buy foods that tell us a story about origin, nutrition and production practices.  Organic is a description that many consumers look for, but some of the pioneering Organic farmers believe that today it falls short of what\’s needed–especially when it comes to Hydroponics because they believe that the founding vision of the Organic movement was based on healthy soil.  Hydroponics are produced in a non-soil material in a greenhouse.  Attempts to make changes in the USDA certification standards failed, so efforts are underway to improve on the current standards addressing issues that now include animal care and other issues, beyond just hydroponic. Ultimately this could be an add-on label to the current USDA certified organic label to provide more transparency. Dave Chapman runs Long Wind Farm in Vermont and is a leader in the Real Organic Project. Dave talks with Farm To Table Talk about the concerns and solutions  to grow understanding of traditional organic values, practices and a sustainable future.