Caring Coffee – Edie & Andy Baker


Is there a direct relationship between the roaster of your coffee and the farmers who grow the beans.  It\’s worth finding out and if the answer is no, it might be time to try a new source of your coffee.  Specialty coffee shops are springing up all over the place, often featuring their unique roasting process and proudly sourced beans from farmers they know or have carefully researched. Edie and Andy Baker, the owners of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Sacramento, California meet directly with each farmer to see their farming practices and ensure that they have passion and care for their coffee. It\’s a difference you can taste in every cup.  That first cup of coffee is an important start to every day for most of; so we should make sure it\’s all we deserve.  Edie and Andy explain coffee from seed to cup in a way that makes you anxious to pour your next cup.  They bring coffee to the table on this episode of Farm To Table Talk.