Joy, Suicides and Agrarian Imperative — Dr. Michael Rosmann


People are interested in knowing how their food is produced and sometimes dream of being a farmer themselves. Many want their food from happy animals and they just assume the farmers are happy too. Maybe they could be happier themselves if they could just farm. That vision is crushed by the depressing news that farmers can be depressed and shockingly have much higher rates of suicide than any other occupation–more than double that of returning veterans. Why? What should be done? Farm to Table Talk sheds light on this sad situation in this conversation with Dr. Michael Rosmann, a psychologist and Iowa farmer. His life’s work involves improving the behavioral healthcare of the agricultural population. He’s been widely featured in media and the New York Times said “he speaks the language of men and women on the verge of losing their place on the land\”. Beyond the turmoil some farmers face, farm life can also provide \”excellent joy\”.