Regeneration — David Johnson, New Mexico State


What’s with all of the talk about “Regeneration”? We all can probably use some regenerating, but why should we be regenerating our soil? How do you do that and what does it mean for farmers, consumers and the future hungry population of the Earth? David Johnson has the answer to those questions. Dr. Johnson says that everything in our life is dependent on micro-organisms. He is the Director of Sustainable Agriculture at New Mexico State University and he joins Farm To Table Talk to explore a world of biological opportunity right under our feet–ultimately producing more food with less or Zero inputs when we manage for the microbes and fungi in a Bio-enhanced Agriculture.

For more information: Soil Carbon Cowboys – (12 minutes);
One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts – (15 minutes);
For interest on the composting process:Johnson Su Bioreactor PDF
and Composting Bioreactor

David Johnson is on the EcoFarm panel January 25, entitled \”Regenerating our Soils Hope For Farming & Climate.\”