New, Near and Urban – AJ Gomez, Chanowk Yisrael, Emma Torbert


New  farmers need new farms, near populations of appreciative consumers. With the average age of farmers over 60, we can say for sure it\’s time for a changing of the guard.  And with farm land disappearing to erosion and development while the population of the Globe makes its way to 9 billion,  changes are necessary.  Those changes may be thousands of small changes instead of just gigantic solutions.  Fortunately progress is happening as innovative beginning farmers are finding uniques arrangements with land owners and under utilized spaces near or in cities. Farm To Table Talk explores these opportunities with a panel of farmers at the Farm To Fork Festival in Sacramento.  Our guests are Emma Torbert of Cloverleaf Farms, AJ Gomez of Gomez Farms and Chanowk Yisrael of Yisrael Family Farms. What are the challenges and opportunities for young farmers today: new, near or urban?