American Cuisine\’s Father — Jeremiah Tower


\”California Cuisine\” began in the 70\’s when innovative Left Coast chefs began to build their menus frtom the variety of fresh produce grown locally.  On the frontline of this trend and in the kitchen at Berkely\’s Chez Panisse restaurant  was Jeremiah Tower–possessing and expressing a talent and vision that would become globally renowned. As Chef Tower moved on to create the famous Stars Restaurant in San Francisco, the California style of cuisine went on to influence the entire country with what was soon recognized as American Cuisine.  The consensus of foodies and culinary experts across the world is that Jeremiah Tower is the father of American Cuisine.  He is also a fan of the Farm to Fork movement taking place in Sacramento, where Farm To Table Talk caught up with him at the Farm To Fork Festival (with 80,000 attendees in one weekend) for a conversation on the status and future of Farm to Table.

Jeremiah Tower