Outside Inside Farm Futures — Kip Tom\’s Farms & Irving Fain\’s Bowery Farms



Farming is changing. Whether your food comes from smaller local farmers, large scale commodity farmers, self grown or imported from the other side of the world, it is inevitable that new ideas will play an important part in the quality and quantity of what the world has to eat. When societies stopped using washboards and started using washing machines, there were skeptics and to this day there are some who believe that we would be better off using horses instead of tractors. Mistrust of the intentions, greed and/or unintended consequences is primary reasons for concerns. Still, smart use of new technology keeps advancing. Tom Farms in Northern Indiana was started in 1837 and has changed with the times. Kip Tom joins Farm To Table Talk to talk about generational adaptation through the years and the future of farming. To sustainably feed a global population of over 9 billion people, even more creative solutions will be required, both outside and inside. New ‘inside’ farming ventures are indoors, hydroponic, near large urban areas and housed in warehouses or abandoned factories. With a concoction of water, nutrients, genetics, light and ingenuity urban retailers and restaurants have a supply of select produce right in their backyards. Irving Fain, CEO and Founder of Bowery Farms, joins Farm To Table Talk to explain the premise and the promise of Inside Farming.