Technology Tsunami – Gordon Rausser and James Davis, UC Berkeley



There is a massive wave of technology that is sweeping over the food and farming landscape of the world–a virtual tsunami.  The ForbesAg Tech Summit in Salinas has linked global  food/ag leaders and Silicon Valley to mark the prospects and the promise of this impressive wave.  Summit Keynoters, US Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Steve Censky and Steve Forbes shared enthusiasm for what this means to innovators, farmers, chefs and consumers. UC Berkeley Ag Economists, Gordon Rausser and James Davis join Farm To Table Talk discuss the significance of the $10 Billion dollar investment in changing how we farm and what we eat. The major technology categories include: Precision Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Vertical Farming, Alternative Animal Products, Decision-Making Tools and Supply Chain Management. Not all of the new technologies will be successfully adopted, but those that will could change the landscape of food and farming forever.

\”Recent Developments in the California Food and Agricultural Technology Landscape\”