Pig & the City — Malcolm DeKryger, Fair Oaks Pig Adventure

Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, yet there are mixed perceptions on how pigs are grown–in animal \”factories\” or outdoors on small farms. Large scale pig farmer Malcolm DeKryger and Fair Oaks Pig Adventure are taking impressive steps in transparency to show just what happens in a modern large scale pig farming operation. Over 80,000 visitors this past year were able to observe through glass windows everything from pig birth. Less than an hour from downtown Chicago, a steady stream of visitors are coming to the farm daily. In this episode of Farm To Table Talk, Malcolm, the President of Belstra Milling and the pig production enterprises, talks about pig production transparency, antibiotics use changes and the reasons for his optimism about a promising future in Agriculture. In their own operation the children of employees have gone to College and returned to be a part of the faming operation and many other young people are asking how they can follow the same track and become pg farmers too. More information about the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure is available at ffofarms.com and belstrafarming.com